Our Fellowship Library has a new home.  Thanks to the generosity of Jan Heuman, the books are now shelved in the comfortable guest room of her home at 1024 New Windsor Loop, King's Point.  For Fellowship members, access is easy: call Jan to set a time and, if you are not a King's Point resident, she can call the gate.

Our Library is a valuable resource.  It's books are on subjects of special interest to Unitarian Universalists.  They are books that are generally unavailable in the usual bookstore.  For a list of Library holdings, call Fellowship Librarian Bill Danek.

Members are encouraged to use the Library to prepare programs for Fellowship meetings or to borrow books that interest them--or simply to browse.

Following are four books recently acquired by our Library.

1.   The World Treasury of Modern Religious Thought, ed. by Jaroslav W. Pelikan, Little Brown Co., 1990. 630 pages.  (UU Minister F. Forrester Church called this “a religious education in itself, by far the most engaging and enlightening religious compendium of our time.” The more than 60 essays include writing by Albert Camus, Dostoyevsky, Albert Einstein, Kant and Solzhenitsyn.  Included are MLK's "Letter from Birmingham City Jail” and Gandhi's "My Experiments with Truth.")

2.   The Varieties of Scientific Experience, by Carl Sagan.  Penguin Books, 2006.  (Sagan's 1985 Gifford Lectures, ed. by Ann Druyan - cousin of our member Judy Kramer.)

3.   Sins of Faith, Essays in Defense of Reason, by Sheila F. Harty.  (Talks given to UU congregations in Florida and Georgia between 1998 and 2011.  Wide range of subjects, including "Debunking Myths--Heaven & Hell, Noah & the flood, original sin, etc.--"The Roots of Islam," "a Critical Eye to the Old and New Testaments,” “the Gnostic Challenge to Orthodoxy,” “The Much-maligned Mary Magdalene.”)

 4.   Prophetic Encounters: Religion and the American Radical Tradition by Dan McKanan.  Beacon Press, 2011.  (Radicals motivated by their religion have played important roles in our history.  Examples: William Lloyd Garrison, John Brown, Frederick Douglass, Dorothy Day, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Martin Luther King, Jr. AND many Unitarian and Universalist leaders.)